A sort of homecoming



I left this blog alone for 2 years. In that time, I have been all consumed by the aspects of being a mother. In my still bleary eyed sleep deprivation ( still functioning on a few hours of broken sleep) I have somehow learned to adapt. I began the blog with the cheery upbeat hopes of this grand expat lifestyle. In reality it has been quite difficult despite what kind of social media pics I post. Life in Germany has for me been especially difficult to break into and feel at home. Is there ever such a thing though?

Perhaps I don’t fit the mold of optimal integration as a bit of an introvert. The culture without a doubt does not lend itself so easy to an American unless you are for some odd reason obsessed with perfecting your German grammar, really enjoy not smiling, or have some strange affinity for all things German – then you might fit well. As a trailing spouse it is especially challenging.  I wasn’t so prepared for the extent of isolation. The long days of feeling out of sorts, the depression that set in. I went home for repeated trips to see family and friends to get sunshine to heal myself. Without it I would have withered away from the dreary grey skies of winter.

In between this feeling out of sorts as a new mother, the loneliness that accompanies being an expat along with postpartum depression is downright crippling… I found help through yoga, being with my own Mom and meeting a few others out there (although not many) that I could relate to. We will certainly not stay here long-term as we wish to raise our child elsewhere. I have become more humble more thankful and more appreciative of all the little things.  My son is a lovely beautiful wild child, who gives me light in the darkness.


Cherry Blossom Bliss Out

CHerry blossom blissoutFinally it’s Fruhling (Spring) and it’s cherry blossom time yet again! Heerstrasse in Bonn, Germany draws quite the crowd to it’s normally quaint but hip section Allstadt. By hip, I only mean there’s actually some faint resemblance to a cool mix of cafes, bars, and younger scene in Bonn. This is of course high touristed flocking time when these blossoms come out, so be prepared. It’s best to stroll and people watch with an Eis  in hand, of course. Head to Eislabor first and then take in the all the pink petals of delight.

Closeup cherry blissout     Under the blossoms

If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere. ~Vincent Van Gogh

Mellow Yellow

Spring is on the way!

Atop of Drachenfels

At the top of Drachenfels~

The sun came out yesterday and despite a snappy wind – getting across the Rhine and up into the hills was a must. If not for the proximity of the Rhine river and forest we have,  I most certainly would lose my mind:)

Pink window

Eifel, Germany.


Living on the outskirts of a city has it’s drawbacks. It’s a bit of a walk to get to transportation, limited grocery stores and restaurants nearby, and always feeling a bit isolated in a small German village scene. We are within walking distance to some beautiful places in nature though, which make up for it. I’ve always never felt right in the middle of city. Sure I love shopping, accessibility of anything, but I prefer to get lost outside away from all of it.

We have the fortunate ability to have a car and get out on the weekends when the weather permits. In the last year I’ve become fond of this region which happens to have some climbing in the Eifel National Park.

In this time I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of countryside here immensely, and appreciate truly just being.



Crystals, Cowbells, and the Cool of Zermatt.

twinsZermatt. I could thrive there, I think I could at least. Upon arriving to this gem of a Swiss village, it’s like finding yourself in a technicolor ad. The greens are greener, blue skies the bluest I have yet seen.

Switzerland LAGO

Perhaps it’s the lack of car exhaust. We spent the last weekend of a summer trip here, and it was nothing short of absolutely amazing. Long days of gondola and cog railway rides, ethereal hikes to views of the Matterhorn, wandering around in a daze of nature’s intoxicating beauty of the place was downright unreal. Cowbells clinging in the distance as I trekked along my path out of fairytale.It is the dream place for summer hiking,running, with alpine flowers scattered around in a seemingly perfectly placed arrangement.  Pure heaven. Pink blossom

I came across an article in a magazine while there referencing locally sourced Lazulite crystal. I hunted it down one day and had to bring home a small piece. There’s something about having a little piece of pretty rock from a place which keeps good memories and does some good for the soul.